Sunday, May 15, 2005


icefox: Do you think people would want an SimAdmin game?
blarf2: hrm could I possibly be going deaf
icefox: Place computers, wire them up, add servers, backup servers, switches
icefox: Disaster! virus struck
icefox: Disaster! ISP went bankrupt and you don't have a reduntant backup!
icefox: Congradulates: your company has propered and is adding a call center. Add 100 terminals.
icefox: Warning: users on floor two are complaining about slow network speed
icefox: Disaster: A user has plugged in a cable from network a to network b no data is transfering, find cable and cut
icefox: The possiblities are endless
blarf2: icefox: sounds like something I wouldn't play, but it could be a fun way to create or abuse some sim game framework

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