Friday, August 10, 2007 web browser

Make a web browser using webkit and Qt. Host it on and incorporate anything and everything to make the browser integrate with freedesktop. Using Qt the browser would look good in Gnome and KDE with the Plastique and Cleannlooks themes. DBus support is a must, mimetype support, and more. Create a standard for storing bookmarks. Use xdg-user-dirs to place things in the Download directory. Would it work? Would it take off? Probably not, people like to bicker to much. KDE users wouldn't use it because it isn't Konqy, Gnome users would refuse to use it because it has Qt. Would it be fun to make? Yes.

Edit: So I ended up kinda doing this one: ttp:// Rather then for freedesktop it is more cross platform.

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Jesper T. said...

I love the idea! Now that konqueror isnt the "everything" tool in KDE4, I think we will see more people using firefox/opera for their browsing needs.

If nothing else - the standards it would be set would be terrific for the other browsers integration in the linux desktop.