Sunday, April 19, 2009

Community Live Transformers Toy Movie

Expanding on the previous idea of a Live Toy Transformers Movie except rather then having one person (me presumably) do the entire thing turn it into a community project where everyone gets to put together a minute or two of the film in their own style with their own toys. From the extremely ruff and crude to the polished (with votes for what goes in?) it would probably come together rapidly, rally and amuse the community.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

iPhone apps

Bird identifier
- Take a photo or record a sound, tell me what bird it is

Puzzle solver
- Take a photo of the box and the piece, highlight where the piece probably goes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pick The BoardGame

Last year I blogged about pick the transformer which is a site that ranks the original transformers by showing you two toys and having you pick between them. The basic premise of the site is that ranking a large list is best done by having users choose between two items then having users rank each item 1-10. After only a few hundred votes the basic order was found and while the experiment was a success it never had a full blown test with hundreds of thousands of votes.

The past two years or so I have gotten into board games and the ranking list on boardgamegeek often helps determine what games I will buy next. The list looks like it might have some of the problems that were highlighted in my blog. It requiring each user to rank 1-10 for each game with very little help in the way of ranking. While all of the top 30 games are very good I do not think that the data and ranking system can provide an accurate way to rank the them in comparison to each other.

Combining pick the transformer and boardgame geek we can make a site to rank board games. The default webpage would list the top 15 board games. On the right hand side there is an input box to let you put in your boardgamegeek user name with a "Rank Now!" button. After clicking the button it will fetch the rss feed of the board games you have played/ranked and then show you two boardgames to pick between. Using your choices it will generate a personalized ranking of all of your games which can be compared to your boardgamegeek ranking list. The same data will be used to update the main rank of all games.