Tuesday, November 24, 2009

iphone mechanical watch

Simulate a mechanical watch from the ground up. Users can look through the watch mechanics layer by layer down to the main spring. Requires the user wind it up every day. Costs $3000. $5000 version includes the ability to wind the watch just by walking and the results of your motion. Go through the list of features high end watches have and plunder.

Friday, November 20, 2009

iPhone app showing your car's MPG

A little iPhone application + cable that connects to your car and shows the current MPG.

After getting my G35 in 04 I would often use the MPG display and very quickly learned how to drive better. Most cars do not come with built in MPG displays though so if they had this app they could save gas and thus save money which would pay for the app many times over.

Update: found an iphone app that does this :)

"Pay an expert to review my code" website

A website that would get together people who can review code and people who need code reviewed.

New to a language, library or toolkit having someone review your code can be extremely useful. Paying someone to go through your code and writeup notes on bugs, use of deprecated api, bad api, security bugs, code style can very valuable. When releasing a library having an API expert read through your api or a security expert look over for any issues can help.

It could be karma based, it could be actual $, not sure. Getting people used to the idea that they are writing code to be read by a human and that a human will review everything is a good thing.

Library size profiling tool

A desktop application that when given a library or application binary will show a big square that is subdivided into areas in proportion to the size of the child objects. Users could drill down and select on an object for more information. This would be very handy for determining what part of your application is causing the executable/library size to be so large. One of those tools no one would make, but if it existed everyone would use.

Monday, November 9, 2009

audio/conversation splitting

Given a recording in a room of multiple people talking output multiple files each one containing the separate audio stream. Also generate a realtime 3d map of the different audio sources and where they move over time. Would this require 1, 2 or 3 microphones?