Saturday, January 2, 2010

topic news aggregator

New aggregator site that groups links into topics for in depth discussions and reading.

For news you have content and aggregators. happens to be both the home for a lot of new content and a website that aggregates that content. Other sites like and usually don't have any content (besides meta or ask the audience questions). One pattern is that a link to a good article is posted on Monday and throughout the week a dozen other related articles are posted and get voted to the front page. The related articles are not strong enough by themselves, but based upon the fact that everyone has read the first article users enjoy reading the other articles.

The quest is to provide better news. Every once in a while I run across a high quality article and wonder how many articles like it that I miss because it was surrounded by junk and just had a bad title. Really good articles often cause people to post related articles that get posted up.

One examples is when a movie like Avatar is released. There are rich articles on the making of the movie, the history of the technology used in the movie, the actors involved, the reviews, and more.

The site itself would be very similar to reddit where anyone can post links, but the real value/game changer would be that along with a list of links there would be a list of topics that links can get added to. Those who visited the site could view lots of little fun articles, but they could also browse the topics and read more in depth on any topic. Each topic could be a wiki page.

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