Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hard drive destruction service via thermite

Mail in hard drive(s) along with cash (or pre-pay) and receive a video of the opening of the package and melting of the hard drive(s) via thermite.

Friday, November 19, 2010

every floor plan

Provide a database of every house floor plan in the U.S. to those who are willing to pay

- Make deals with towns to scan existing housing floor plans.
- Provide hardware so they will continue to scan new floor plans in trade for access to the db
- Go to open houses and generate floor plans for older houses

Sell to:
- real estate web sites
- real estate planners
- home repair stores
- many more


Layout highways, number of lanes, on and off ramps, design wacky intersections. The better your highway the more people will live far from the city and the city will grow and more people will move into the area requiring more highways...

- Mess with models of your local city and fix that interchange you use every day that drives you insane.
- Disasters! mudslides, airplanes on the highway, accidents galore, snow, rain, and more!

Have the game live on an ipad for a nice intuitive touch sensitive way of drawing intersections.