Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hard drive destruction service via thermite

Mail in hard drive(s) along with cash (or pre-pay) and receive a video of the opening of the package and melting of the hard drive(s) via thermite.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a worthwhile service for people who have various harddrives they need to be destroyed because of sensitive information. However what happens if they get lost in the post and intercepted that way? Thats a concern I would have. I know shredding companies in the UK who come out and take your data in secure vans and then send proof of the hard drive shredding, paper and file destruction or whatever it is they have destroyed for you. Certainly worth thinking about if you are a business.

Benjamin Meyer said...

@Louise True, I figured for anyone in the nearby (20 mile) area they could drop them off or I could pick them up. Outside that driving or even flying and picking up the hard drives would be worth while to have available for the right price.