Monday, March 21, 2011

satellite photo counter service

Use daily satellite photos to count "things". The number of cars/planes/tanks/etc produced at a factory sitting in their lot. The number of cars in an office parking lot (growing or laying off?) or store (how many customers?). The number of cars sitting at a highway tollboth (traffic patterns). The number of "new" houses (construction patterns). The number of houses with solar panels. The number of boats in a harbor. The number of train cars on a train in the yards. The number of oil tankers or cargo ships. The number of trucks sitting at a factory lot (factory output). The number of planes not being used at an airport. The number of cars at disney land. Mounds of coal next to a coal mine.

Edit: also farms, crops and animals

Put any of this together and get an edge on your competition and or buy/sell stock.

Update: Found a company that does some of this RSMetrics