Sunday, September 13, 2015

dwarf sim mountain city

Unlike dungeon games, a real city inside of a mountain wouldn't be lots of square rooms.  To start there would be caves carved out of the mountain by water flowing through it.  The city would be based off of these water supplies, easily being the main streets.  When you live in the city you need a place to work/mine and means to move rock out of the mountain via rail or something else.  This area would look very different from the other areas such as the living areas, food, and commerce.  Generating electricity for light.  Vents for smoke.  Living areas could also be different depending on a cast system with a castle / opulent house in the middle.  Corridors would follow the rock that is easier to cut resulting in many curved rooms and hallways.  Suffice it to say the resulting city that the player would create would look nothing like a bunch of square rooms connected by rectangle corridors.

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