Saturday, September 12, 2015

Realtime cooperative capture the pirate ship phone game

A co-opperative game where each person on their phone controls a navy sailing ship and together the players have to capture/sink a pirate ship(s) that are bigger and faster.  The player would see a top down view of the ocean with their boat in the middle and be playing with other players in the same room connected via bluetooth/wifi.

Each player can see their ship, its location in the sea, its surroundings (other ships, etc) and the local weather.  The game progresses in real time and the player uses the phone’s compass to steer their ship (aka you have to rotate your phone to steer).  A player doesn’t pay attention and they drift off course

- Each person/ship needs to tell everyone else what it knows (location, if it can see the pirate ship, what is the weather, etc)
- Together the group must search for the pirate ship (At the start as a group we know that the pirate ship was last seen over in grid G8 or something)
- Once found the group must coordinate attacking the pirate ship so the pirate ship doesn’t get away and everyone attacks together for the best chance of success.
- Each player manually fire each cannon on their ship.
- Wind/weather would be a factor that would push boats around or make boats faster/slower
- Islands/reefs and other stuff would have to be avoided

Invariably ships would be out of place, the pirate ship would get to slip away, or the pirate ship would get sunk.  I could see it being five minutes of preparation finding the ship with two minutes of intense prep once it is located and thirty seconds of terror during the battle with some very possible cat and mouse as the pirate ship is found and lost and found again.  I could also see the group of players standing up and physically moving around in relation to each other just like their boats to make communication easier.

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