Saturday, September 12, 2015

sim easter island game

Arriving on easter island you would be able to chop down trees to build huts, eat roots, wild animals and grow a village.  The more people you have the more resources they consume.  But because they are on an island resources can disappear.  Kill all of the deer and there are no more deer ever.  Chop down all of the trees and you are only left with bushes.  Flood the fields with fresh water and you might not have enough to drink.  Prevent disease and population grows faster only to starve unless you hunt more or plant more.  Fail to rotate crops and the fields will fail to provide enough food. etc

The game would be a social lesson about how easy it is to grow exponentially at the start, but how hard it is to not have suffering at the end.

And as a bonus if for some reason you can keep from using up all of the limited natural resource for several hundred years invaders from the West will come and overwhelm the island with their superior numbers.

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