Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Only one" Dating site

A dating website where each day guys can only message one girl.  Girls in theory would sign up because they would know that any message they received wouldn't just be spam, but because out of all of the possibilities that the guy is interested in them and them alone.

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Bruce Meyer said...

I think that a more important consideration is the view of the woman to receive competing expressions of interest, so that she could weigh or weight the multiple variant values of interest of suitor/value of suitor/cost to herself. The economics of sexuality are real, and rarely made obvious--just as the economics of the common man's free and unconstrained purchases seem like simple "wants" but are actually the end product of a multivariant formula, hidden deep in the recesses of the person.

I want that thing. I think I'll buy that thing. "But why?" "I donno, I just like it, I just feel like it." But not really--it's the result of a string of considerations.